Limited Release: David Burbano Microlot

We’re delighted to be able to feature producer David Burbano’s coffee. Due it the limited amount of coffee on hand, this will only be available for a short time online and at our cafe in the Mission. This microlot is spectacular. Cherry, raspberry and watermelon begin as fragrances and become sparkling acidities in this intensely creamy cup filled with honey sweetness.

David Burbano’s farm, La Estrella, sits in the heart of the Macizo, an intersection of three Colombian ranges that collide and form the Andes of Peru. David is part of the Andino Association, which comprises 100 farmers in and around the town of Bruselas in Southern Huila. Of all the coffee we taste from Andino, David’s lots shine with a brilliance of acidity we rarely see in Latin America. This lot is small at 150 pounds and represents a delivery of coffee from the 2nd semester harvest of 2010-2011.

Visit our Front Bar for a pour-over or shot of David Burbano espresso.