New Arrivals: Ethiopia Biloya & Kenya Tekangu Karagoto PB

We’re stocking our shelves this afternoon with a fantastic new coffee from Ethiopia and another one of our amazing microlots out of Kenya.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Biloya blew us away this year with it’s lemon/lime aromatics. The name Biloya has become synonymous with outstanding natural lots in the last few years. This particular lot is fully washed rather than naturally processed, allowing juicy citrus and floral notes to shine in a sparkling clean cup. This is the first Yirgacheffe we’ve offered in over a year.

1635 farmers belong to the Biloya coop and deliver their cherry to this centralized mill. Although coffee from the Yirgacheffe region is famed for its lemony citric clarity, due to droughts last year we didn’t find a coffee worthy of representing this amazing profile. Luckily this year, we were able to purchase two coffees from this region, the first being this lot from Biloya. 

The Kenya Tekangu Karagoto Peaberry is another beautiful microlot. Expect a lot of deep currant in the cup and like all of our Kenyan coffees amazingly articulate and clean.

Karagoto joined forces with nearby factories Tegu and Ngunguru to form the Tekangu Cooperative in March of 2005, harvesting some of the finest coffees produced in Kenya from the Nyeri district. 800 members deliver to the factory, with this lot representing 2 weeks of the peaberry separation from the later part of the 2010-2011 harvest. Suffering from an especially low yield, prices were much higher during this crop cycle, and we paid a premium to have this lot bought directly from the factory outside of the traditional Kenya auction system.