we love coffee because even after all these years, coffee keeps us guessing. things are as fresh as the day we met, and while you might think that at this point we could claim knowledge of every sock in the drawer, coffee has yet to become the predictable, housecoat wearing type. she is still the sly seductress we’re following around the dark corner, always just a few steps behind. constantly changing, full of intrigue, disgustingly rewarding. the closest we can come to mastery is by association: we’ve mastered the art of learning about coffee.

make no mistake, the thrill lies in the pursuit. our singular vision for the very best cup of coffee could not be more simple, yet it drives everything we dedicate ourselves to. it gets us out of bed at absurd hours, finds us in the back of pickup trucks on dusty farm roads, insists that we taste each roast and spend hours training those who will prepare our coffee. while we know we’ll never be able to lay our hands on mastery, the skills and knowledge that we’ve picked up along the way make for coffee that’s as close to perfect as we can possibly get.

for the farmer, this lifetime of pursuit means a transparent, stable relationship with prices that reward quality. for us, it means waking up next to our sweetheart every morning and being tongue tied at how lovely and charming she is. and for you, it means the best cup of coffee around—one that somehow tastes well-loved and worth dressing up for.