It’s holiday time and we will be taking a few (well really only one) days off and also having a few shorter days. This is what it means for our cafes:

Four Barrel Coffee Valencia (375 Valencia St.)
Christmas Time
Dec. 24th: 8 am to 3pm
Dec. 25th: closed
Dec. 26th: 8am to 8pm
New Year’s
Dec. 31st: 8am to 5pm
Jan. 1st: 9am to 8pm

Four Barrel Coffee Portola (2 Burrows Ave.)
Christmas Time
Dec. 24th: 8 am to 3pm
Dec. 25th: closed
Dec. 26th: 8am to 7pm
New Year’s
Dec. 31st: 8am to 5pm
Jan. 1st: 9am to 7pm

The Mill (736 Divisadero St.)
Christmas Time
Dec. 24th: 8 am to 1pm
Dec. 25th: closed
Dec. 26th: 8am to 9pm
New Year’s
Dec. 31st: 8am to 5pm
Jan. 1st: 9am to 9pm


We don’t really rest here. It’s not that kind of bed, silly! These are drying beds in Ethiopia, and the only things that rest on them are high-elevation, fully washed, Arabica coffee beans.

Resting isn’t really on our agenda anyway. We have cupping labs throughout East Africa and Latin America to visit. We have meetings with co-op members and independent growers to attend. We have farms and mills to inspect, at the ends of long and bumpy roads through beautiful highlands. And we have to catch our flights home to San Francisco, so we can roast these coffees up, and share them with you.

That’s why we can’t rest. We have to roast the fourteen (!) coffees we’re offering you right now.

Most of them are from folks with whom we (and you) already forged relationships over the last few years. We’re pleased to welcome back some familiar flavors from Kenya, Rwanda, Colombia, and Guatemala. When you’ve finished trying those, spare a minute for the incredible new coffees of Ethiopia’s far west.

Anyway: tool around our Web site, make yourself some coffee, and relax. Check out the photos by Tal, Jodi, and Jeremy. Maybe even read a little if you feel like it. But no matter what, don’t sleep on these coffees. That would be just plain silly.


We are super excited to welcome back Le Dix-Sept Pâtisserie this Sunday, Nov. 3rd from 9am-3pm to our Caledonia Alley service. They are super awesome and will be bringing by the following amazing items to Caledonia Alley service for you all to enjoy.


Tarte Chocolate Café – $7
Four Barrel Espresso infused chocolate ganache, espresso gelée
Tarte Basil Citron-Strawberry- $7
Lemon cream tart, hazelnut milk ganache, toasted hazelnuts
Mini Tarte Noisette- $3.5
Mini sized tart, hazelnut milk ganache, toasted hazelnuts
Cannelés- $2.5
Cannelé bordelais with rum
Caramels- $7
Set of individually hand wrapped chocolate caramels
Pumpkin Chocolate Tart- $7
Organic pumpkin and milk chocolate ganache, spiced pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds
Meringues- $4
A package of Four Barrel Espresso and cocoa meringues

Quiche Lorraine- $7
Comte cheese, smoked bacon, parsley
Seasonal Mushroom Tarte (vegetarian)- $7
Mushrooms, onion confit

So come on by and make Grant make you a drink and pick up something delicious to snack on. 
Service from 9am to 3pm as always at the alley. 


We here at Four Barrel Coffee are super excited to be showcasing art from a Four Barrel Coffee family member, Brett Walker. The opening reception for his show Your Oceans Are Not Big Enough For Me will be October 10th from 6-8pm. Come by the cafe at 375 Valencia and check everything out. If you can’t make it, no worries, his show will be up from October 8th to November 13th, so you will have plenty of time.

From the artist:

Made in late 2012, Your Oceans Are Not Big Enough For Me is a body of work that references my general feelings about art making and desire right now, how I want so much more than the world can provide for me, and how I know so much more is out there and available, the potential for life is limitless, and I want it all right now, and no matter how big or crazy or wild it is, I am sort of ready for it. All these images were made around the Great Lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin, and I just felt when I was there that those bodies of water are huge and vast, they felt scary and unknown to me in ways the ocean doesn’t, and I am someone who regularly swims in the bay here in San Francisco, and who also has no problem just jumping in the ocean down at Ocean Beach or when I go bike camping down the coast around Santa Cruz. Those bodies of water, the Great Lakes, became a metaphor in a way for how I was feeling, the water was mysterious, and it was amazing to be in the center of North America, totally landlocked, and find these bodies of water, they were loud, and the waves were rough, the current was intense, hard to swim in, much like the ocean, but different, unknown, places to explore, I was curious, and no matter how big and scary they seemed, I was ready for them. These feelings and experiences with the water all came about while I was on a two week residency/teaching trip with my family, basically all expenses paid, which is the ultimate dream job for me; in a way, I would love nothing more to be able to travel the world and make art, and bring my family along with me, and yet, even while I was getting to do and experience just that, there was and has been for a while this notion that there is so much more out there, that with every subsequent success or whatever in my art practice, there comes more drive and ambition, like, okay, this is what you’ve given me, well, now give me more.


We are super excited to have the team from Hapax Bread to our Caledonia Alley service this Sunday, Sept. 22nd.

As always Caledonia is open for your coffee needs from 9am to 3pm, and we will be serving quite an amazing spread of goodies brought to you by the folks at Hapax. Croissants and breads of different varieties, babkas, and tea cakes will all be available for your enjoyment. So come on by grab some delicious coffee or espresso and take something delicious to munch on as well.



Sat-Sun 9/14-9/15, 9am-3pm, on Polplar Alley at 25th St, SF

Those who have noticed our Craigslist posting for this weekend’s sale may be asking themselves:
“Why does Four Barrel Coffee have a collection of vintage beer cans and signs?”
“Why would anyone who had such a rad collection sell it?”
“What exactly constitutes a record ‘too awesome to play in the cafe?’”
“Will there be coffee?”

These are all entirely reasonable questions.

Since that’s been settled, we’ll see you at the first and only Four Barrel Coffee Random Stuff Storage Sale (4BCRS3) this weekend.
Sat-Sun 9/14-9/15 9am-3pm
Poplar Alley between Valencia & Guererro off 25th St, SF



Back to Cool… Coffees

In case you hadn’t noticed, there are nine—yes, nine—new coffees on the Four Barrel roster. Please, tool around a little on the Web site, and pick a couple out. You’ll notice our first-ever offering from Malawi, as well as a couple of new Ethiopian coffees. Some of our favorite relationships from years past are reappearing as well, from Guatemala, Honduras, and Kenya. We’re very proud of the current batch of coffees, so we want you to know: Just like silly back-to-school sales, these coffees are seasonal. They may be gone by the time the last leaves fall from the trees.


Hot dog! Hot dogs! is a collaboration between Justin Hager and Kristine Reano. This side project captures their love for pop culture and funny characters. Each piece was created with both artists painting at the same time–Justin being a lefty, Kristine being a righty–and mostly on found objects. They believe in growing down, and keeping the mind youthful and in the gutter :)

Justin Hager is a self-taught artist living and working in San Francisco, California. His illustrations and paintings draw inspiration from his childhood and blends the concept of nostalgia with images and memories from pop culture. His “mash ups” blur the lines of high and low brow, offer up an explicitly humorous social commentary, and ultimately serves up a wink and a smile to those viewing it. Justin has participated in solo and group shows at Guerrero Gallery, RVCA gallery, 111 Minna, and Benny Gold in San Francisco, and Openhouse Gallery in New York.

Kristine Reano is a San Francisco-based artist working in acrylic and watercolor. Her latest work revolves around characters living in a  make believe, playful world. From a banana man sliding down a water slide, to a weiner dog diving through a donut, these characters and others like them are a reflection of her fun loving, positive point of view. Kristine has participated in solo and group shows in San Francisco and the East Bay, as well as in Portland.

Opening Reception Sept 5th at 6pm at Four Barrel Coffee, 375 Valencia St, SF, CA
Show runs from Sept 5th to Oct 9th