Coffee Friendo Blendo Espresso
Flavor Citrus flavors swan dive into fresh berry full forward fold, which jumps or walks back into down dog, then ascends into a toffee sweetness sun salutation. Swan dive.
Location Nicaragua Lovo, Kenya Kangunu, Guatemala Buena Vista
Elevation 1,350-2,100 meters
Cultivar 100% washed coffees
Price / 12 oz. $17.50


When using our espresso, we like 1 part espresso to 1.5 part liquid yield. And while it’s tastiest 7-10 days off roast, we figure you’re so good at this you could probably make it work any day.
Dose: 18.5-20.5g
Yield: 27-31g
Time: 26-31s
If you have any more questions on how to make Friendo taste its best, consider taking a class with one of our extremely talented and good-looking trainers.